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Secure, Flexible Company Intranet, for Secure, Flexible Internal Collaboration

There are tons of commercial, cloud-based applications for internal company communication. There are also tons of pitfalls and limitations. If you don’t own the platform, you don’t own the data.

Why Bespoke Company Intranet?

Imagine a single, secure collaborative space for seamlessly sharing data, not just with colleagues and stakeholders, but other systems.

Imagine a staff directory automatically populated with data shared between your company intranet and your HR software.

Imagine automatically having IT support tickets and service requests automatically tracked.

And, imagine owning every line of code, every dataflow and every chance to develop it further, without compromise.

Why Virtualnet for Bespoke Company Intranet?

Over 20+ years, we’ve built and re-developed secure, bespoke, fully-owned company intranets unique to clients needs and internal environments.

Instead of applying the same cookie-cutter approach to every application development challenge, we’ll factor in exactly what you’d like your company intranet to do, and how.

The first step will be to assess what systems and platforms you currently use for internal collaboration, file sharing and workflows. That way we can identify gaps and shortfalls that will become the basis of your bespoke company intranet build.

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